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Anti Extension Progression

An interconnected team of muscles holds our spinal column stable.  If you wish to be strong in all endeavors, you need to develop isometric (no movement) torso strength that resists flexion, resists extension, and resists rotational forces.  Most people have poor anti extension torso strength, and many of them show up in the physical therapy clinic with lower back, hip, and neck pain.  Presented below is a time-tested progression of training activities that will improve anti extension torso strength.  Watch the video and make these exercises a part of your training program.

Anti Extension Torso Strength Program

  1. Wall Planks
  2. Bench Planks
  3. Push up Position Planks
  4. Push up Position Planks feet elevated
  5. Ball Roll Outs
  6. Ab Wheel Roll Outs

Initial anti extension exercises are all a version of planks that are scaled from easiest to hardest–wall, bench, push up position, and then push up position feet elevated.

Weaker people require more practice to develop the neural connections that improve strength.  They need two sessions a day to drive a reboot of their neural system.   Start with the wall planks for two holds of twenty seconds.  Gradually increase the time you hold the wall planks from twenty seconds to forty seconds.  When forty seconds gets easy, move to the next progression–bench planks.  Return to twenty second holds for two planks after each progression.

Once you can perform forty seconds of the push up position plank with feet elevated, move to the ball roll out exercise for five repetitions.  As your strength improves, gradually increase the repetitions until you can complete fifteen repetitions of the ball roll out.  The final progression is the ab wheel roll out–start with five and work up to fifteen repetitions.

View video of these exercises: here

Michael S. O’Hara, PT, OCS, CSCS

PDFThe August Newsletter includes an article by Mike O’Hara, PT on training the muscles of the torso.  Included are exercises for training with video demonstration.  Also by Mike is an article on training to prevent Achille’s tendon injury–the most injured tendon among recreational runners.  Be sure to check out the Fenton Fitness Love Your Jean Challenge.

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