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“I Am Living A Nightmare.”

That is a quote from of a patient of mine that developed shingles.  Melanie is only 52 years old and worked in a dental office.  She has two teenage children and an active social life.  She snow skied in the winter and camped with her family in the summers.  She attended the gym three days a week and was extremely fit.  The pain and impairment of shingles took all of that away from her for the better part of a year.  By the time the pain resolved, it left her debilitated and depressed.  We are currently working on a rehab program, but full recovery will take months.

Please take the time to read Jane Brody’s article in the New York Times, *Why You Should Get the New Shingles Vaccine.  Shingles is a devastatingly disabling disease that we can avoid with a pair of injections.  The general public does not appreciate the severity of this now preventable disease.  Ask anyone who has traveled through the shingles experience and they will tell you that they would do anything to avoid the nightmare.

Michael S. O’Hara, PT, OCS, CSCS

*New York Times, Jane Brody, Why You Should Get the New Shingles Vaccine.  See the article here: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/09/well/why-you-should-get-the-new-shingles-vaccine.html