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Hang Up and Drive

While on a recent trip out of town, I witnessed a young man plow his car into the back of a delivery truck.  The young man was gazing down at his mobile phone and failed to stop when the truck in front of him stopped for a school bus.  The airbag did its job and the driver appeared to be unscathed.  The passengers in the back seat of his car did not fair as well and both were taken away in an ambulance.

The technology exists to turn off a mobile phone if it is moving in a car.  The most dangerous thing the average American does in their day is travel in a car.  Mobile phone use makes car travel dramatically more dangerous.  Educational campaigns and fines have not reduced mobile phone use by drivers.  Many people will never be able to control their impulsive addiction to the mobile phone.  Locking out cell phones while the car is moving is the only answer.

Physical therapist clean up the physical damage created by drivers distracted by their cell phones.  Auto accidents often create pain and performance problems that never fully resolve.  Blocking the mobile phone while traveling in a car may have the unintended consequence of restoring the lost art of conversation–you remember talking, don’t you?  While cruising along on this brief bit of magic we call life, you do not want the final sound you hear to be the ring from your cell phone.

Michael S. O’Hara, PT, OCS, CSCS